Hi, I'm Julia Bourgeois!

I'm from Sulphur, La (Go Tors) but currently live in Lake Charles, La with my husband, Joe, and our son, Brooks! I'm an alumna of McNeese State University with a B.S. in Accounting and a B.S. in Finance. By day, I'm an accountant for the Calcasieu Parish School Board. But by night, you'll either find me mommin', binging Bravo or on a shoot!

You might be asking yourself, "why is an accountant promoting herself as a photographer?" The answer is simple really... Accounting is BORING. Like mind-numbingly boring. But Photography... That is what fuels my soul. There is something about a shoot that just recharges my creative batteries.

I try to make each shoot unique. I cater the shoot to whoever I'm working with. I love playing your favorite music to help you come out of your shell. And I hope you're ok with sarcasm, because I love joking around with my clients to make their real laughs come out. This is how I capture those AUTHENTIC, CANDID & ONE OF A KIND Pictures.

Don't get me wrong, I love posing couples but there's something about snapping a picture RIGHT as you are laughing, dancing or telling a punchline that gives it that "something special."

If this sounds like your vibe, lets chat!

Fun Facts: I'm the oldest of 6 siblings. Lover of sweets. Probably could survive off of Pizza, Popcorn and Cheese Dip. I'm a Christian. I love pulling pranks. I LOVE love! I can be awkward sometimes (thanks anxiety). Scorpio. I was a dancer for 19 years. I'm weirdly proud of the fact that Autumn is my middle name. LGBTQ+ Ally. Deep conversations are my jam. Addicted to Trash TV (aka Reality TV). Avid coffee drinker. Overthinker. Sarcastic. Phi Mu Alumna. My son Brooks has Spina Bifida but he is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. Can't spell or form a grammatically correct sentence to save my life. (so if you noticed some errors up there, sorry bout it).

Lake Charles, LA

Julia Bourgeois Photography. Lake Charles, LA. 337-292-9505